Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Most Attractive Live Wallpaper Themes to Decor Your Smartphone Screen

Most Attractive Live Wallpaper Themes to Decor Your Smartphone Screen

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by lirontocker

Live wallpapers are the recent sensations to lure technology inspired geeks who just cannot do anything without a smartphone in their pocket. Users often prefer embellishing their device’s screen with the wallpapers that reflect their respective profession, hobbies, interests, likings, etc. Still there are many who just go with the wind and install the apps that they find most attractive, irrespective their liking.  Whatever be the reason, these apps indeed add exuberance to the looks of your phone. Taking a leaf
out of this fact, the following write-up brings into limelight, five popular wallpaper themes that have been doing rounds in the global circuits.

Game based themes: Popularity of games is invincible; instead it keeps on increasing with every technological phase. In the latest outbreak, games have found a new-found admirer in the disguise of live wallpapers. Users prefer decorating their smart phone screens with game based wallpaper, probably due to their enticing graphics, attractive characters, affable color choices and so forth. Themes based on action and arcade games, fish aquariums, puzzle games, and more are more prone to enthrall the interested users in this context.

Scenery: Being nature lover is an ultimate God gift. It indeed gives a pleasant feeling, getting surrounded by the signs, symbols and scenery, all inspired by mother nature. Amid such passionate liking for the greener environment, many live wallpapers exist that motivate you to like the natural creations even more. These comprise scintillating snowfall views, euphoric river side backdrops, massive mountains, colorful birds giving chirping and tweeting effect and so on. Technology inspired: Mobile phones with gadget friendly backgrounds are a common scenario in the tech inspired environment today. You may often get hypnotized by the sci-fi wallpapers having enticing images. Some common wallpapers in this regard could include the impressions of latest smartphones,
iPhones, funky gadgets, battery indicators, space shuttle, dynamic calendar, and many more. You can find umpteen options for this theme on Apple iTunes, Google Play store and other app stores.

Religion inspired: The spiritual powers keep on guiding you throughout your life. The main thing is that you trust on a superpower that manages the world; it is just that you call that superpower with different names. Now, you could well get close to your own devotional power through the religious wallpaper apps. Yes, uncountable religious apps, all encrusted with divine spirits are up for download through myriad app stores. Hence, if you firmly believe in God and start your day with a glimpse of the Almighty, why keep these apps waiting? Just install them on your device today.  3D live wallpaper: Interactive 3D representation of live wallpaper apps is an endearing consideration that has been grabbing the sensitive eyeballs now for quite a while. Mobile app developers today feel it a welcome boon for their business to create 3D version for their live wallpaper apps as well. This not only adds credence to their app, but also helps the users to get something fresh, unique and compelling to decorate their mobile screens.  However, one possible side-effect of such environments could be their heavy size due to the 3D effect.

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